• Living and Dying for Christ - Philippians 1:20-21

    The Road to Life Goes Through JesusPhilippians 1:20-21In a high school in a small rural town in Iowa, a young teacher stood before his sophomore World History class on the first day of the school year. He announced the first assignment: You will write a paragraph entitled, “My Philosophy of Life.” Keep the following questions in mind as you write: 1) Why are you here? 2) What is your purpose for living?

  • Tips for Teens

     Things I Wish I’d Known In High School by Erin Davis edited and revised by Grammy (Judy Flatt) God’s promises are trueNormal is a mirage. Embrace your weirdness.He really does have a hope and a future for me (Jer 29:11)Insecurity is a massive waste of time and energy. Be confident in God’s love.“Only one life, ‘twill soon be past.

  • Church Discipline Pt 5

    Church Discipline – Now What? Consider this real-life situation: An individual(s) is biblically excluded from membership in the church. Subsequently, he/she attends the church from which he/she was excluded.This situation prompted this question: What relationship should congregants have with such excluded individuals, especially those who still attend worship? This and similar questions are often voiced by church members.General observations designed to help answer the question:We hav...

  • Church Discipline Pt 4

    When Sexual Sin Comes to the Church - Part 21 Corinthians 5:6-13Introduction In the first five verses we learn that: Because all believers are still sinners, we should not be shocked when a member of a local church falls into sexual sin 1However, we should be shocked when a local church tolerates sexual sin by its members by failing to take decisive action 2When one of its members falls into sexual sin, Christ expects the church to confidently judge the matter 3-5 There are severa...

  • Church Discipline Pt 3

    When Sexual Sin Comes to the Church - Part 11 Corinthians 5:1-5 Introduction I offer a reminder of a few things. First, the church at Corinth was founded by Paul during his second missionary journey (Act 18:1-17). Hence he referred to himself as their spiritual father (chap 4).

  • Church Discipline Pt 2

    Church Discipline: A Mark of a True Church #2Introduction Previously we presented four essential concepts to help us frame the necessity for self discipline in the church. They were:God expects holiness from his people. Unfortunately, the description “holy church” is almost an oxymoronChrist requires that his churches confront their own sin Christians are part of a familyNow we must add some essential practices. Practicing self discipline in the churchWe must get these four b...

  • Church Discipline

    Church Discipline: A Mark of a True ChurchIntroduction In light of questions arising from our study of 1 Corinthians 5 I think it appropriate to have a follow-up excursus today on the broad subject of church discipline. I do understand that I have somewhat thoroughly covered this in conjunction with recent situations of church discipline here at FBC. However, not everyone attends our Sunday evening study sessions when most of these kinds of matters are handled.

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