• Biblical Leadership Traits - Respectable

    Masters Men: LeadershipBiblical Leadership TraitsRespectable1Timothy 3:2 Definition“Respectable” is the common translation of this quality (ESV/NIV/NASV). The KJV has “good behavior”. It is the adjective ko,smioj.

  • Biblical Leadership Traits - Prudent

    Masters Men: LeadershipBiblical Leadership TraitsPrudent1Timothy 3:2; Titus 1:8 Definition NIV/ESV translates this term “self-controlled” while the KJV has “sober” in both Timothy and Titus. The NASV translates “sensible” in Titus. The term is sw,frona from the sw,frwn family of words.

  • Biblical Leadership Traits - Temperate

    Biblical Leadership TraitsTemperate1 Timothy 3:2Definition The noun (nhfa,lioj) is used in only two other places in the NT:1 Tim 3:11NAU 1 Timothy 3:11 Women must likewise be dignified, not malicious gossips, but temperate, faithful in all things.Tit 2:2 Older men are to be temperate, dignified, sensible, sound in faith, in love, in perseverance.The verb is found only six times:NAU 1 Thessalonians 5:6 so then let us not sleep as others do, but let us be alert and sober.N...

  • Biblical Leadership Traits - Husband of One Wife

    Biblical Leadership TraitsHusband of One Wife1 Timothy 3:2; Titus 1:6; 1 Timothy 3:12 Definitions Literally the phrase is, “a one woman man.” (three words μιας γυναικος ανδρα). Linguistics and grammar are of little help in determining what this phrase means. The assumption is that normally elders will be married (not required however) and that they should be an ideal husband &ndas...

  • Biblical Leadership Traits - Above Reproach

    Masters Men: LeadershipBiblical Leadership TraitsAbove Reproach 1 Timothy 3:2; Titus 1:6,7; 1 Timothy 3:10 Definitions The term in 1 Timothy 3:2 is avnepi,lhmptoj > avn epi ,lhmptoj > av + epi,lambanw = to lay hold of or receive; therefore “not to be taken hold of” is the literal idea.Other uses:NAU 1 Timothy 5:7 Prescribe these things as well, so that they may be above reproachNAU 1 Timothy 6:14 that you keep the commandment without stain or reproach u...

  • Apologetics Overview

    Brief Overview of Christian Apologetics Theory of knowledge  Observations regarding how human beings know anything:We must know what something is before we can know how something is.Absolute truth exists in the world in which man lives.Man can have true knowledge, albeit not comprehensive knowledge, of the universe, of God and of himself because he is a creature and because of revelation.All facts (truth) are God created, God related, and God interpreted. Thus, human beings cannot...

  • Managing Your House

    Manages His Own Household Well 1 Timothy 3:4-5; Titus 1:6; 1 Timothy 3:12 Definitions 1 Timothy 3:4-5. I have chosen “manages his own household well” from 1 Tim 3:4,5 to identify what apparently is one trait described with three separate but related statements; two pertaining to the elder and one to the deacon. The focus is on being a father specifically and a manager of the family generally.

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