• 35 Things I Wish I Knew in High School

    Things I Wish I’d Known In High Schoolby Erin Davis edited and revised by GrammyGod’s promises are trueNormal is a mirage.  Embrace your weirdness.He really does have a hope and a future for me (Jer 29:11)Insecurity is a massive waste of time and energy.  Be confident in God’s love.“Only one life, ‘twill soon be past.

  • Life Lessons from Sports -Together is Better

    Life Lessons From SportsLesson #4 - Together is BetterOver the years I’ve noticed that most of the widely played sports here in the United States have certain things in common. One of them is the team or club concept. Name a popular sport -  perhaps football, basketball, hockey, baseball, or soccer.

  • Life Lessons from Sports - Little Things Matter

    Life Lessons from SportsLesson #3 - Little Things MatterMost athletes could easily share a vivid personal example of this huge truism. Me, you ask? I tagged up and sprinted home with the winning run before the outfielder caught the fly ball.

  • Life Lessons from Sports - Responding Well to Trouble is a Choice

    Life Lessons from SportsLesson #2 - Responding Well to Trouble is a ChoiceSo, here is the key question. “How do you handle it when you are treated unjustly by the officials, other players, the fans, or the coaches? Do you blow up, or pout, or fume, or fall apart, or retaliate, or give up, or lose concentration, or verbally attack someone, or blame someone else for your mistake, or act disrespectfully, or what?

  • Life Lessons from Sports - Life is Not "Fair"

    Life Lessons from SportsLesson #1 - Life Is Not “Fair”Did you see it?  It happened in the Colts final game of the 2018 regular season. The Titans were driving late in the game when two players scuffled.

  • Finishing Well 2 Timothy 4:7

    Rounding Third and Heading for Home2 Timothy 4:7As I mulled over what to write about a pastor who is entering the winter of his ministry, it occurred to me that I ought to somehow look the future rather than the past. Then, as I chewed on that possibility, another question surfaced: Just what would I wish for him? Or how might I best pray for him? That in turn led me to Paul, the great apostle.

  • Justification and Faith

    Dear xxx,Thanks for your patience with me in reviewing your paper. I appreciate your work and your desire to in all things glorify God, especially in salvation. I also appreciate your desire to cut it straight.

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