At the End

Final Words

From time to time, I enjoy reading books of a different flavor than standard fare in pastoral ministries. American Soldier by General Tommy Franks, given to me by my son, Scott, is one such work.

Make no mistake; the book is rough in spots, depicting the real experience of soldiering. Nonetheless, a personal retirement letter written to GEN Franks captured my attention.

Dear Tommy,

 Congratulations on your retirement from the US Army. You served our nation with distinction and class.

Our nation has been tested over the past two years. We were attacked by ruthless killers who thought we would cower. They were wrong. We had a man named Franks in charge.

Tommy, you led our troops in two major battles in the war on Terror. We prevailed in Afghanistan and Iraq because you commanded brave troops with a sound strategy. Our nation is grateful for your service. It has been my privilege to serve with you. You are a good man. My best to Cathy.


George Bush.

GEN Franks is obviously proud of this letter. What soldier would not like a personal letter of commendation from the Commander-In- Chief!

But, I wonder; when I finish vocational service for the Master will the best thing He says of me be, you are a good man? O, God, I pray not. How about you?