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Titus 1:8



NAU Titus 1:8 but hospitable, loving what is good, sensible, just, devout, self-controlled,

BGT Titus 1:8 ἀλλὰ φιλόξενον φιλάγαθον σώφρονα δίκαιον ὅσιον ἐγκρατ

In Titus 1:8 this term (ὅσιος) is translated “holy” in other versions. In fact, in the seven other occurrences in the NT, the NAU always translates “holy.”

The term means purity or being unpolluted. In fact, Plato described incest as a “mixture” which could only be described as an abomination. In the religious sense, it describes a person who is careful regarding his duties toward God. “Pious” is not common word in English use, but it is an apt description as well. It is someone who is wholly dedicated to God and observes every moral obligation (Thayer 3856). Another lexicon says it this way, “pertaining to being holy in the sense of superior moral qualities and possessing certain essentially divine qualities in contrast with what is human” (Louw-Nida 88.24).

The main synonym is the common word for holy (agioj) which has the notion of separation or consecration. (Trench)


  1. Do you have any tips regarding how we can be “devout” in the highest sense without lapsing into perfectionism? Legalism? Isolationism?
  1. In what areas do you most struggle with being holy? Ask your wife to review this with you. Ask her to pray for you.

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