Building a Spiritual Atmosphere in the Home

On Building a Spiritual Atmosphere at Home - For Fathers and Sons

The following are a few tips for fathers addressing their relationship to sons with a few thoughts for sons as well. Of course, the subject is sufficiently broad enough to include daughters as well. And I am sure that single mothers could profit from these tips too! So, edit and apply to your own situation. 

 1. Maintain open, candid, and compassionate communication with your son.

Sons: Talk to your Dad. Tell him really what you think.

2. Lead in the planning and executing of family devotions. Why not you?
Sons: Be a full participant in family devotions.

3. Spend daily time alone in prayer and Bible reading so that you can set an uplifting tone for each day.
Sons: Your attitude and behavior will contribute to the atmosphere at home too.

4. Engage in regular individual Bible study so that you have a full “well” from which to draw. At times you might do this in a high traffic area in the house so that your family can interact with you.

5. Use daily life and current events to teach Biblical truth to your son.
Sons: When questions about life pop up, ask Pops.

6. Regularly spend private time with your son in order to discuss life’s concerns and his spiritual health.
Sons: Take advantage of these special times. One day you may wish you had the opportunity.

7. Make sure your son is aware of your loyalty to your church. Is your church central in your world and life view?

8. Make spiritual matters a natural subject of conversation in your home.

9. Rid your home of sensual materials such as worldly music, immoral media, and any other things which are a detriment to spiritual maturity. Remember, not only is pornography sin, it desensitizes to sin and is often a gateway to other sin.
Sons: Identify things that stunt your spiritual growth; ask your dad for help with these.

10. Eliminate personal habits and addictions that betray a lack of self-discipline such as abuse of tobacco and alcohol, inappropriate language, obesity, crude conduct, and other things that speak louder than your words.

11. Quickly seek forgiveness of your son when you have wronged him or set a bad example for him. “Will you forgive me” are unforgettable words.
Sons: Do you need to ask your dad to forgive you?

12. Discipline your son consistently, appropriately to the offense, fairly, and always under control. Extend mercy generously.

13. Always keep your word.
14. Set an example of faithful giving to your local church “as God has prospered” you.

15. Admit it when you are wrong. Encourage your son to share your blind spots with you.
Sons: From time to time you will be wrong too!

16. Cultivate an atmosphere in the home wherein your son may challenge your authority and any decisions provided he exhibits an attitude of obedience and respect.
Sons: Your attitude usually speaks louder than your words.

17. Demonstrate Biblical love to your son’s mom.

18. Memorize Scripture with your son.

19. Share spiritual insights you glean from others.

20. Provide resources for spiritual stimulation such as books, articles, media, and etc.

21. Pray for your son specifically. Ask the Lord to save him; to bless him; to be merciful to him – all in spite of you.
Sons: Ask your dad how you might pray for him. Being a father is a big job.

22. Teach your son how to engage in spiritual disciplines such as prayer, Bible reading, ministry, and fellowship.

23. Teach your son how to select friends and how to be a friend.
Sons: Would another father recommend you as a possible friend for his son?

24. Speak well of the leaders of your church. Find ways for your son to have personal encounters with them.
Sons: Who are your heroes?

25. Work hard at knowing what is going on in the life of your son. Ask questions, listen to conversations, observe friends, participate with him whenever possible, assume the worst. This will help you decide what appropriate influences you should bring to bear in his life.
Sons: You are an individual with private interests, but don’t exclude dad from your life.

26. Make spiritual functions a normal and regular part of your relationship with your son. Do you attend church? If so, take him with you. See that he attends ministries designed just for him. Do have a ministry through the auspices of your church? If so, help him minister as well. Do you pray? If so, would he like to join you? If you converse about spiritual matters, would he like to share his viewpoint? If you do not attempt to prejudice your son for God, be assured the devil will attempt to prejudice him against God.

27. Live out godliness, even when you are away from home and even when later on your son is gone from your home. Remember, a man is what he is when he is away from home.

28. Make the matter of leading your son spiritually an urgent and top priority item to which you will give your time, attention, energy and money.

29. Never grow complacent, thinking that all is well. Because even the most promising son is a sinner, external matters can be misleading.

“I pray you so live, that when you stand over your child’s dead body, you may never hear a voice coming up from that clay, “Father, your negligence was my destruction….” Attributed to C.H. Spurgeon; source unknown.

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