Current Opportunities 

Teaching at Castleview Church

A first quarter doctrine of salvation course entitled "Wonderful Words of Life - The Distinctive Language of Salvation".

Advising Pastors and Church Leaders - One-on-one sessions or with leadership groups.

Teaching at Crossroads Bible College

A winter Systematic Theology class covering the doctrines of man, sin, Christ, and salvation. A spring Romans class.

Preaching  -  Local churches - the center of Christian ministry!

Counseling and Mentoring - From an unapologetic Biblical perspective.

Tutoring at Indianapolis Theological Seminary

Leading colloquia for Systematic Theology II students.  February - May.

Conferences and Speaking Opportunities - Sundry settings and subjects.

Teaching at East Africa Christian College in Tanzania

Two classes: Exposition of Esther and Jonah and a second class yet to be determined. This ministry is in partnership with Training Leaders International. I will be joining two other faculty members for this trip. Planning and preparing now for two weeks in February 2018. 

 Joe Flatt