Optimism and the Church

Optimism and the Church

Recently some thoughts in Wayne Mack’s book, "Life in the Fathers House" re-energized me. As he discusses the importance of the local church and our relation to it, he makes the following apt observation.

The truth that the church will always be built and blessed by God Himself provides a tremendous source of hope and confidence to us as Christians. It also presents a convincing argument for the idea that we should direct our energies and efforts primarily toward the edification and growth of the local church rather than organizations and institutions outside of it.

For example, many Christians…today are expending tremendous amounts of energy to stem the rising tide of secularism and moral relativism in America…But the Bible never commands us to commit our greatest efforts to ensuring that the society we live in remains tolerant to Christianity. And if we invest our efforts and hope in that pursuit, we will only open ourselves to tremendous disappointment, because we have no guarantee than our government will ever be tolerant toward Christians. God may very well allow it to become like Nazi Germany…. If He does, that would not be “the end of the world” for us believers, nor would it be a horrible blow to God’s purposes. God’s glorious plan of building His spiritual kingdom will go on undaunted, regardless of whether America retains its religious liberty
(page 15).

Unless you have been absent from life for the past several years, you, like every other observant believer, conclude that it is open season on Christianity in almost every corner of the globe. In the extreme, we watch as beheadings of Christians are given only a passing mention in the mainstream media. Those who attack Christians are frequently granted a pass by the academy and politicians under the lame rationalization that the perpetrators need jobs, or that they are misunderstood, or that Christianity is not guiltless, or some other appalling justification.

But here is the bottom line: the church is God’s vehicle for his unstoppable work in our culture right now; today. We know how this will ultimately turn out. The glass is half full rather than half empty. The church is where the action is, now and in the foreseeable future! Are you on-board?

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