Planned Parenthood

The Denial of the Obvious

Just a thought about the current video exposing Planned Parenthood's harvesting aborted baby body parts and negotiating prices for them.

Am I the only one who wonders how long Planned Parenthood can remain on the public dole? The most recent fiasco defies understanding. Clear and shocking video evidence confirming that PP functionaries break the law and exhibit a cavalier attitude toward women, not to mention life itself.  They first deny engaging in such horrific practices only to justify those practices.  All the while professing that they have done nothing wrong while pointing the guilty finger at those who produced the videos. 

 One thing puzzles me: on the one hand abortion advocates such as Planned Parenthood staunchly declare that science shows that the unborn baby is merely "products of conception" or fetal material rather than  a human being. On the other hand, they carefully harvest parts of this non-human being tissue and sell them as human body parts. The better the condition, the higher the price. So, crush strategically is the most profitable practice. Rest assured, I doubt there would be much of a market if Planned Parenthood were to offer up carefully preserved dog parts. Why? Because they are not human! Does any one else see the inconsistency here? 

But sadly, the practice of harvesting body parts from aborted babies and the straight faced denial of illegal and unethical practice is not surprising. What should we expect from those who have adopted a pagan view of life and living? After all, belief does drive practice. 

The answer: only the gospel of Jesus Christ can open eyes blinded by rebellion against God.