Session 1 Understanding Man Notes

For Fun Salvation Quiz

True or False 

_____ 1. All men are basically good.
_____ 2. Men have the capacity to cooperate with God in salvation.
_____ 3. God gives common grace to all men.
_____ 4. In salvation, election is God’s part while faith is man’s part.
_____ 5. God has not revealed everything about His plan of salvation.
_____ 6. Grace is fair.
_____ 7. All men possess a degree of faith.
_____ 8. Faith is a gift from God.
_____ 9. Faith logically precedes regeneration.
_____ 10. The following is a correct quotation: “But you are not my sheep because you do not believe.” (John 10:26 NIV).
_____ 11. Foreknowledge is the concept that God knows everything ahead of time.
_____ 12. God chooses men to be saved because he foresees that they will believe.
_____ 13. Men do not possess free wills.
_____ 14. Men are free moral agents.
_____ 15. Christ’s death did not actually accomplish anything except to provide salvation for all men.
_____ 16. All men can be saved.
_____ 17. The following is a correct quotation: “No one can come to me unless the Father who sent me draws him...” (John 6:44 NIV).
_____ 18. In rare instances it is possible for certain men to lose their salvation.

_____ 19. The following is a correct quotation: “But you do not believe because you are not my sheep” (John 10:26 NIV).
_____ 20. Men are saved by an act of the human will.
_____ 21. God predetermined the means to the end as well as the end itself.
_____ 22. Because God chose some men to be saved, it doesn’t make any difference if we witness.
_____ 23. Many men are seeking God, especially in non-Christian parts of the globe.

_____ 24. The following is a correct quotation: “The Father who sent me draws those who come to me…” (John 6:44 NIV)
_____ 25. The gospel is unreasonable.

Understanding Who We Are

A. Characteristics of Men 

1. The unregenerate man is spiritually blind - II Cor. 4:3-4. 

a. Therefore, Christian evidences can never fully penetrate the minds and hearts of unregenerate men.

2. The unregenerate man is a creature - Romans 1:18-25. 

a. Therefore, he is a subject of the creator.

b. Therefore, he is not the final criterion for truth.

c. Therefore, man’s freedom is a derived freedom, rather than an ultimate freedom.

3. The unregenerate man is spiritually dead - Ephesians 2:1-5. 

a. Therefore, he is totally unresponsive to spiritual truth - I Cor. 2:14


b. Therefore, he hates spiritual things - Romans 8:7. 

c. Therefore, he has no ability to come to God, to please God, or to respond to reason about God - John 6:44, Romans 8:7-8. 

d. Therefore, even though man is a free moral agent, he does not possess a “free will”; he can only act as a dead man - John 1:13 

1) Only men made “willing” (regeneration) by God will come to Him - Rev.
22:17; John 6:37; Acts 13:48. 

2) Free agency is the concept that God doesn’t guide us like robots; we are free in the sense that there is no exertion of an outside compulsion. 

3) God governs the inward feelings, external environment, habits, desires, and motives so that men freely do what He purposes. 

4) Man is governed by his own nature and character just as God is. He is free to do anything within the limits of who he is - Matt. 7:16-20. 

5) The crucifixion is an example of free agency - Acts 4:27-28, 2:23,

e. Therefore, the unregenerate man must be made alive by the sovereign operation of God before he can believe - John 5:21; Eph. 2:1,5. 

B. The Extensive Nature of These Facts 

1. All men participated in Adam’s sin - Romans 5:12. 

a. The basic problem is one of the heart - Jer. 17:9. 

b. No man is searching for God - Romans 3:11: Psalm 14:3. 

2. All men are born spiritually dead - Psalm 51:5, 58:3. 

3. All men are born into Satan’s family - John 8:44: Ephesians 2:3. 

C. A Classic Statement of These Facts

“Man, by his fall into a state of sin, hath wholly lost all ability of will to any spiritual good accompanying salvation: so as, a natural man, being altogether averse from that good, and dead in sin, is not able, by his own strength, to convert himself, or to prepare himself thereunto.” The Westminster  of Faith 

Answering the "So What" Question: (task groups)

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