Tools for Lasting Change from Romans 6 & 7

Tools for Lasting Change Master List

Romans 6-7

This material is part of the 13 lesson study of Romans 6 & 7 entitled, "May It Never Be". 

Note 1:

During class discussion of each tool the instructor should select a sample area/issue with which people typically struggle. He should then lead a discussion regarding how the  particular tool can be used to help resolve the issue. A few possible specific areas or issues might be:

  • Pornography
  • Kindness
  • Disciplining children
  • Anger
  • Time use
  • Prayer
  • Misusing media
  • Weight
  • Worry
  • Laziness
  • Stewardship of money
  • Taking the Lord’s name in vain
  • Coveting
  • Slander/gossip
  • Submission to authority
  • Stubbornness
  • Procrastination
  • Fear 
  • Promptness
  • Being disorganized
  • Cluttered possessions
  • Keeping your word
  • Lying
  • Loving your spouse
  • Membership in the local church
  • Attending local church gatherings
  • Ministry in the local church
  • Defeatist attitude/giving up
  • Diet and exercise
  • Baptism
  • Bible study
  • Hoarding
  • Making commitments
  • Deceitfulness
  • Talking too much
  • Materialism
  • Working too much

  • Note 2:

    First, here are some “First Steps for Change” to be applied to all situations: Questions to ask…

  • What have I done or not done? (Be specific)
  • What does God say? (Bible)
  • Is this sin? (If so, seek forgiveness and make restitution when possible) 
  • What must I do? (Be specific)

  • Then, we should list specific actions suggested by the tool(s) germane to the issue at hand. If we don’t do this we have missed the point. God demands that we become slaves to righteousness; that we don’t allow sin to reign.  Thus, this means that we must ask what we can do to make it less likely that we will repeat this conduct in the future. In other words we must be farsighted.

    The tools with selected issues for in class discussion:

    Tool #1 - Know this: Christians are persons who have died to sin, 6:2-4. Do this: Publicly identify with Christ

    Apply to Issue #30 Baptism

    Tool #2 - Know this: Christians share in Christ’s victory over sin by means of their connection to his death and resurrection, 6:5-7. Do this: Embrace a positive outlook in light of your freedom decree

    Apply to Issue #28 - Defeatist attitude/giving up

    Tool #3 - Know this: Lasting change only happens when Christians carefully consider known facts regarding their spiritual situation, 6:11. Do this: Act on facts first, feelings last.

    Apply to Issue #24 - Loving spouse

    Tool #4 - Know this: Though change is ultimately a product of the sovereign operation of God in our lives, it is accomplished by old fashioned personal choices and hard labor, 6:12-14. Do this: Do the hard thing.

    Apply to Issue #1 - Pornography

    Tool #5 - Know this: Change is impossible apart from an all out commitment to the authority of Scripture, 6:17. Do this: Seize every opportunity to expose yourself to the Bible.

    Apply to Issue #26 - Regular church attendance

    Tool #6 - Know this: Obedience is a vibrant  soul affair, 6:17. Do this: Pray and then pray some more.

    Apply to Issue #9 - Worry

    Tool #7 - Know this: God invariably holds Christians personally responsible to execute his directives, 6:11-19. Do this: Stop rationalizing or blame-shifting.

    Apply to Issue #4 - Anger

    Tool #8 - Know this: What you once were you are now not, 6:20-22. Do this: Stop living in the past.

    Apply to Issue #11 - Mishandling money

    Tool # 9 -  Know this: Tomorrow is not guaranteed, 6:23. Do this: Live with an eye on today and the last day.

    Apply to Issue #17 - Procrastination

    Tool #10 - Know this: Genuine faith has tangible evidences, 7:4 Do this: If evidences are hard to spot, get worried and get going.

    Apply to Issue #6 - Lack of Prayer

    Tool #11 -  Know this: A principled (rules based) approach to godliness results in ungodliness, 7:7-12.  Do this: Focus on internals rather externals.

    Apply to Issue #13 - Coveting

    Tool # 12 - Know this: Frustrating daily struggle with sin, to one degree or another, is a normal experience of the Christian life, 7:14-23. Do this: Expect to fail but plan what to do when you do.

    Apply to Issue #29 Diet and exercise

    Tool #13 - Know this: Believers ultimately recognize who they are and who God is, 7:24-25. Do this: Spend your life getting to know God.

    Apply to Issue #31 - Bible Study

    Note 3:

    An assignment repeated each week is that the student should select one personal area/issue he/she wants to change. This will be the issue/area he/she will focus on for the duration of the course unless he/she believes satisfactory progress has been made on the issue. (If so, then tackle another issue.) In conjunction with each tool the student should work out how to apply that tool to his/her personal area/issue.

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