A Brief Word about Voting

Pastor Brian Borgman of Grace Community Church in Minden, Nevada penned a pastoral exhortation to his congregation concerning an upcoming general election that he shared with others outside his church. I am passing along the following excerpt with my endorsement.

“The Christian has two distinct, yet overlapping identities. He is a citizen
of God's kingdom (Phil. 3:20) and he is a subject of the state (Rom. 13:1).
Our calling is to be loyal subjects of King Jesus (Rom. 14:7-9). This means
that as exiles and strangers in this world we should be productive and
faithful citizens of the state and salt and light for Christ…”

“However, we do not compartmentalize our citizenships or loyalties. We are
Christians first and foremost, Americans second. Furthermore, our Christian
worldview informs and shapes our earthly citizenship. We view everything
through the lens of the Bible. The Bible shapes the way we think and act
and vote. Yes, vote. Voting is the right and privilege of free people. As
a right, we exercise it in light of our Christian convictions and worldview.
As a right, we exercise it as responsible citizens of the state. As a
privilege we also exercise it with gratitude, knowing we could live under
oppression and tyranny, with no voice at all. Let there be no confusion,
we go to the polls as Christians first, then Americans.”

“Does this impact who and what we vote for? Absolutely….”

I unequivocally refrain from telling you who to vote for or what moral issues should be your foremost consideration or whether to affiliate with a political party. But I do urge you to enter the polling place with your Christian worldview intact. When you cast your ballot, do so as a loyal citizen of King Jesus